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When penalty claim won't be revoked?

If the vehicle has been stopped or parked in breach of the applicable parking terms, there are no grounds for revoking the penalty claim. The following reasons do not account for penalty claim cancellation:

  • lack of coins/correct change for ticket machine,
  • delayed return to the vehicle (meetings, doctors’ appointment etc.),
  • lack of time to buy a parking ticket,
  • failure to see / read parking signs,
  • failure to find ticket machine,
  • payment made to ticket machine owned by parking operator other than EuroPark,
  • communal parking permit for disabled people, and invalid ticket,
  • delivery of goods (other than at special zones for delivery of goods),
  • stop in loading / unloading activities,
  • in case of car failure – the driver has to infom EuroPark controller in the parking zone or EuroPark customer service by phone about the case, before leaving the parking zone,
  • the penalty claim ticket was lost.


Thank you for understanding!
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