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Parking on private territory

EuroPark Ltd.'s activities are based on Polish legislation. A deep legislative study has been conducted to assure the complience with the legislation acts for all our activities and services provided.

Private parking

EuroPark does not own any car parks or parking areas itself, but operates and services parking zones on behalf of public and private land owners. EuroPark is granted exclusive right to operate in the respective parking areas through service agreements with each individual landlord. 

Private parking zones have been equipped with EuroPark's informative signposting. All EuroPark parking zones have information signs with terms of use at the drive-in entrance and on the payment machines.

By driving a vehicle into a parking area signposted by EuroPark, the driver of the vehicle accepts valid terms of use and a contract between the owner of the vehicle and EuroPark comes in force. Vehicle driver/user is responsible for getting aquainted with the applicable terms of use at the car park he enters.

Parking attendants

EuroPark parking attendants are recognized by EuroPark identification badge with attendant's number. They control validity of parking tickets and permits. Attendants are authorized to issue penalty claims in case any of the general terms are violated by drivers. Parking control is being performed regularly. Parking attendants are not allowed to revoke any penalty claim and their salary does not depend on the number of penalty claims issued.

Penalty claim

Penalty claim is issued to drivers for lack of compliance with the parking rules and conditions. Penalty claim is meant to motivate clients to use the parking places and the territories according to the terms of use.